I Downloaded a Bunch of Games For My New iPad Mini

Games on iPad Mini

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I just got a new iPad Mini and I decided to go on a game download spree. I didn’t want to just hit up the App Store and download the most popular games, because those games popularity is misleading since so many non-gamers download everything they can get their hands on. Instead I decided to take a look at what real gamers recommended so I thought, “what better place to start than the iOS Gaming Subreddit?”

I spent the last hour and a half looking at just the discussions on the front page and I found lots of great games to start with. I only downloaded the free games for now but I added any other paid apps that looked really good to my wish list. Here’s what I found.

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Just Playing Some Mario Kart 64

I’ve been reading articles, watching game reviews, and listening to game podcasts talking about how great Mario Kart 8 is. It looks great and I’ve been really wanting to play it but I don’t own a Wii U and I don’t plan to buy one in the near future. I decided to pull out the ol’ Nintendo 64 version to get my fix instead.

I’m pretty terrible, but I’m sure with a little practice I can get back to the skill levels I once had. I was pretty damn good at this game too. We played this game so much that we made the joysticks on the controllers all loose and crappy.

Finally a Dragon Ball Z Game Worth Playing!

I’ve purchased two Dragon Ball Z games in the past and I’ve played a couple others, all of which pretty much sucked. It looks like the indie developer group, Team Z2, thought the same and decided to make their own version – Hyper Dragon Ball Z. The game is built on the Mugen freeware fighting game engine and was developed with the gameplay styles of Street Fighter and Darkstalkers in mind.


This looks like the Dragon Ball Z game that I’ve always wanted. Check out the demo trailer below. I couldn’t stop watching.

So awesome!

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Chipotle Releases an iOS Game That Takes Shots at Processed Food Manufacturers

Chipotle has just come out with a promotional campaign that targets two of my biggest passions – natural food and video games. The video above tells a beautiful story of a scarecrow (Chipotle) who works for “Crow Foods” (industrial farms), a food company that produces highly processed foods containing chickens pumped full of hormones and cows raised in cramped, unnatural conditions. The scarecrow sees the wrong in this and takes it upon himself to bring natural foods back to the people by starting his own farm and selling it in the city, competing directly with the company he formally worked with.

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Why You Should Play Games With Your Kids Even If Society Thinks It’s a Waste of Time

Kid plays Donkey Kong

My wife is 22 weeks pregnant right now with our little baby girl. I mentioned to my wife when we first found out she was pregnant that I can’t wait for our daughter to get old enough for me to play video games with her. My wife said that she doesn’t want our kid to play video games because games are bad for kids and a waste of time.


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LEGO Indiana Jones Demo on XBLM

LEGO Indiana Jones
Do you like LEGO’s? How about Indiana Jones? I love both and so should you. And if you’re anything like me you’ll want to head on over to the Xbox Live Marketplace and download the demo for LEGO Indiana Jones immediately. GO GET IT!