Heavy Metal Meets Games: Falling Down!


I know you are already a fan of video games, but are you a fan of heavy metal? If so, you might want to check out this new game featuring the metal band, Atreyu. “Falling Down!” includes five games in one in which you get to play as one of the members of the band and do things such as slaughtering teddy bears with a huge axe, collect ice cream cones in hell, or make hamburgers (just like Burgertime). Waste some time and try ’em out.

Play Zach & Wiki Now

Zach & Wiki Flash Demo Screenshot

If you haven’t played Zach & Wiki yet, nows your chance. Capcom knows that their game is pure gaming goodness, but for some reason or another, people just aren’t picking it up like they should. For this reason, they have created a Flash demo of the game, which you can play here. This game got great reviews, so don’t be afraid to try it out. Go to the “Gameplay” section of the site to find it.

Myspace Enters Casual Gaming Arena

Myspace Gaming

It looks like Myspace would like to try their hand at offering casual games to the world. Not a bad idea considering the age group of their audience, not to mention the sheer size of it. The site has the typical ugliness you expect from any Myspace page, but there are already quite a few games there in all different genres, including multiplayer. If you want to check it out, visit Games.Myspace.com

Play Exit for DS Online


If you like playing Nintendo DS games online, there’s a new one out there for you. Exit. It’s a pretty fun game if you’ve never played it before. The controls can be a little confusing at first but you’ll figure it out. Here are some hints; if you want your character to do something just click on him first, then the object. Also, to get on the ladder, you have to click towards the bottom of it. That part took me awhile. I might just be dumb though.

Play the New Ace Attorney Demo Here

Remember the other day when I posted about Capcom releasing a Flash Demo for the new Ace Attorney game? Well, here it is. Just hit the new game button below and you can play right here on the page. Enjoy!