I Downloaded a Bunch of Games For My New iPad Mini

I just got a new iPad Mini and I decided to go on a game download spree. I didn’t want to just hit up the App Store and download the most popular games, because those games popularity is misleading since so many non-gamers download everything they can get their hands on. Instead I decided to take a look at what real gamers recommended so I thought, “what better place to start than the iOS Gaming Subreddit?”

I spent the last hour and a half looking at just the discussions on the front page and I found lots of great games to start with. I only downloaded the free games for now but I added any other paid apps that looked really good to my wish list. Here’s what I found.

Free: (some are free only for a limited time)

Below are the paid apps sitting in my wishlist. I also added these apps to my AppShopper.com account (which is free) because they’ll send me a notification when an app I want drops in price.

Do you have anything to add? I’m all ears for recommendations right now, free or paid.

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