NES: 8 Eyes Retro Gameplay

I used to update this website multiple, sometimes dozens of times per day. I covered every bit of game news I could. And I loved it. But then I got a job that made it nearly impossible to continue without complete burnout. Eventually, it helped me land a side gig of doing game reviews for a well-known tech reviewer. So that’s where I spent any of my extra game journalism time. That lasted for maybe a year, and I could have kept going if I wanted, but I needed to focus on my career.

Fast forward to 12 years later and I want to come back. But I don’t want to publish news anymore. I just want to have fun.

So with all of that said, this is the first of what I hope will be more gameplay videos on this site. I realize that this first video isn’t up to par with the quality of most gameplay vids these days but it’ll get better. So I hope you stick around!

Let’s Play 8 Eyes!

8 Eyes was a game for the NES that came out in 1988. This was my first time playing it. In fact, I’ve never even heard of it! As soon as I started it up, I was instantly reminded of the original Castlevania (1986) and Faxanadu (1987). It’s an extremely difficult game but it seems fun. More time with the game might change my mind on that though since the game had mediocre reviews when it came out.

Just a heads up, my character was disappearing on my screen while playing but it looks like the Elgato picked it up in the recording. Thought I’d point that out In case you’re wondering why I was having such difficulty playing the game and complaining so much.

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