Get Turok for $20 Off

Turok Cover

The new Turok game hasn’t had many great reviews, so this may be the reason that you can pick it up for the Xbox 360 and PS3 at Amazon for $39.99. Not bad. The game doesn’t look too bad, and if you just need something to play, this might be it.

Amazon Loves the Wii

If you head on over to and check out their Goldbox deals, you’ll see that they will be providing some great deals on Nintendo Wii games today. The main offer today is for Super Paper Mario at $29.99. You’ll have to wait for the scheduled times to see what the other games are and at what prices though.

Amazon Sells Wii’s at Ridiculous Rate

Now that the holidays are over, retailers are tallying up their sales numbers and Amazon is very proud of theirs. The one that relates to this site though, is the Nintendo Wii sales. Amazon has stated that while they had the Nintendo Wii in stock, they sold about 17 units per second. Now that’s a whole lot of Wii’s!!!