“Hot Coffee” Lawsuit Wasn’t Worth The Time

San Andreas

After all of that “Hot Coffee” mess that Take Two went through for hiding those sexually explicit scenes in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, it turns out most people really didn’t care that much after all. After the lawyer, Seth Lesser, worked out a settlement of $5 to those offended or $35 if you still had the receipt, only 2,676 people participated in the class action lawsuit, resulting in basically a dud of a case. Way to go scum (Seth) of the earth, at least you still get paid, right? Just not as much.

GTAIV Comparison

Everyone’s wondering what the difference is between the Xbox 360 version and Playstation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV. Not much really, but check out the video comparison below and judge for yourself.

Jack Thompson Taking Police to Court

GTA - Jack Thompson Box Art

As I’m sure you remember, about three weeks ago Robert Hawkins went into Westroads Mall in Omaha where he shot and killed eight people and then himself. The police are looking for a cause into what could have brought Hawkins to commit such a horrible thing, but Jack Thompson seems to already know. You guessed it…videogames.

So in his conquest to take good ol’ violent games out of our murderous hands, you know, because violent games turn us all into murderers, Jack Thompson has filed a writ with the Fourth District Court of Nebraska against Omaha Police Chief, Thomas Warren. Basically, Jack Thompson wants to know what was taken out of Hawkins home, specifically videogames, because by withholding this info “the defendant Warren demonstrably puts at public safety risk residents of Nebraska and elsewhere.” Huh? Ok, whatever you say Jack.